Youth Protection Training Required for ALL Leaders

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There is no better time than now to prepare for the Summer Camping season. With the number of youth and volunteers attending summer camp, or participating in their own outings, it is important for everyone to understand the Youth Protection Policies that the BSA has in place to help ensure that all volunteers and youth have a safe and memorable experience. The Boy Scouts of America’s Youth Protection Training helps with just that, and is mandatory for all interested in registering as an adult leader in all BSA programs. Though it is mandatory for all who plan to serve as adult leaders, it is just as important for parents and individuals not registering with the BSA to take the training. The online training is easy to take, and lasts just over an hour. We ask that all units promote this training to their families so the great information can be spread more widely. The more people trained, and the more widely the policies Scouting has in place are shared, the safer youth will be in both Scouting and in the Community

The BSA’s Commitment to the Safety of ALL Youth is Reflected in this Training.

  • One on one contact is prohibited
  • Adults accompanying units on activities who are present at the activity for 72 hours or more, must be Youth Protection Trained and officially registered with the BSA. The 72 hours need not be consecutive.
  • New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training prior to registering with the BSA.
  • Units cannot recharter unless all unit leaders have completed the New YPT training and remain current at rechartering each year.
  • Adult Youth Protection Training is required for adult program participants 18 years or older.
  • Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to take the training, and other organizations may use the training at no charge and without being a member of the BSA.

If you ever have any concerns about other leaders and their compliance with youth protection rules (two adults at all times with all Scouting youth, both “inside and outside” of Scouting events; separate sleeping accommodations; separate shower/bathroom facilities) call Northern Star Scouting's Anonymous Youth Protection Tip line at: 1-888-213-0364.

Taking the Training

To take the training visit and login if you are an existing member, or create a new account if you are new and about to register with the BSA. Once on, click on the Youth Protection icon, add the Mandatory Training to your learning plan, click on the My Learning tab and select the training from your plan. Once the training is complete, existing member’s training records will automatically be updated with the certification. All new to Scouting wishing to register must print their certificate and submit it with their application to the council service center.

Printing Training Completion Certificate

The training certificate will be sent to you via email, but will also be available to print after completing the three required training modules and passing the test. The training certificate may take up to an hour to appear in your record.  It will be found by visiting and selecting the menu button in the upper left corner and clicking on My Dashboard. The certificate can be opened for printing by clicking the print icon on the right side. After clicking the print icon, the certificate opens as a pdf that can be printed and/or saved.

Questions or technical issues contact Member Care at: (972-580-2489) or

Youth Protection Training for Youth

Youth Protection Training for Youth is also an extremely important step in ensuring that all youth in Scouting are safe. Every Scouting unit is expected to provide this training annually to all new families, and provide the opportunity for all members every two years as a refresher. 

  • "It Happened to Me" for Cub Scout-age youth
  • "A Time to Tell" for Boy Scout-age youth
  • "Personal Safety Awareness" for Venturing-age youth

Please make time  to conduct the appropriate Youth Protection Training for Youth in your unit.  It should be conducted at least once a year, and there is no better time than the present to get it done. Thank you for taking the time necessary to ensure that all Scouting volunteers and youth members have a safe environment to experience everything Scouting has to offer.

Youth Protection Training Required for ALL Leaders

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