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Reporting advancement is a requirement of the Boy Scouts of America, and entering it directly into the BSA Internet system is the easiest way to get it done.

Units can use Internet Advancement to record their youth member advancement online. This method is both easy and accurate for adding ranks, merit badges, and awards.

What is Internet Advancement?

Internet Advancement is the Boy Scouts of America's online program, allowing volunteer leaders to report Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Sea Scout ranks; Venturing awards; merit badges; and many other awards available through Scouting programs.

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Some other benefits include:

  • Provides straightforward and direct method of reporting advancement
  • Eliminates issues with reading hand written advancement reports
  • Helps speed up verification of the Eagle Scout Rank Application
  • Records ranks, badges, and awards in accordance with BSA advancement rules
  • Makes Scout transfers between units accurate
  • Assures advancement is counted in the Journey to Excellence for your unit

How do I use Internet Advancement?

Units select an advancement processor who is given access with a council-provided unit ID number and accessed through the council website or When first-time unit processors enter, they're greeted by a welcome page with instructions to log in and accept a confidentiality agreement. Returning users skip these steps and go directly to selecting members for advancement.

Units can upload files created from PackMaster©, TroopMaster©, or ScoutSoft© software or enter information manually. Check for a PowerPoint titled Getting the Most From Internet Advancement that provides orientation and helpful tips.

Access Internet Advancement

How often should I report advancements?

It's recommended that units report advancement at least monthly with a final annual report in December. These reporting cycles are important because they support local and National Council data collection for the Journey to Excellence program and keep youth membership records up-to-date. It also makes applying for Eagle or transferring to another council easier.

Other reports available in Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement has some extra reporting features, such as:

  • Current unit roster of adults and youth. If a name is missing, the person is not registered
  • Temporary membership cards for adults and youth with their BSA membership ID number
  • Overall advancement summary report for all currently registered youth in the unit; make sure your unit records match the council records
  • Individual advancement report for one Scout at a time; print and share with a Scout who is moving or an Eagle Scout candidate preparing his application
  • Previously submitted Internet Advancement reports

Changing unit processors

You will need to contact a registrar at the council office to change the unit processor. They'll do a reset of the unit profile which will allow the new unit processor to log on, enter their name, email address, phone number, and create a new password. Don't worry! Resetting the unit processor doesn't affect any current Scout advancement records.

Help and Assistance

There are trained members at our office to answer questions, provide unit ID numbers, monitor activity, change passwords, reset unit profiles and data, delete entry errors, and help make Internet Advancement work smoothly for you. The national office also has a Help Desk that can offer support.

  • FAQs on the Internet Advancement site
  • You can email:
  • For phone assistance during the work day, call a registrar at: 763-231-7204
  • National Help Desk: 972-580-2489
  • University of Scouting sessions and district roundtable programs
  • Guide to Advancement chapter

The Next Generation in Advancement Reporting

The next generation of advancement reporting software will do much more than just report ranks. It will also include individual requirements for ranks, badges, and awards. Reporting is done online in the BSA system. A new portal, currently called Scoutbook, has been under development over the last few years. The new portal will work on a computer, tablet, or smartphone and let units enter advancement at any time, print reports, and obtain current rosters from the BSA system. Keep an eye on the National Advancement Committee's Twitter feed, @AdvBSA, and also on Scoutwire for more information.

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