Earning Eagle in the Great Rivers District

How and who in our district


The Eagle award is the highest award a Scout can receive in the Scouting program. It is an award of honor and distinction. It is a long but surmountable path to becoming an Eagle Scout. Along with the various leadership and advancement requirements a service project is required.

The district advancement committee approves all projects PRIOR to the beginning of an Eagle Scout project. It is required that the candidate contact the advancement committee prior to any work towards the service project. The committee may provide you with suggestions/recommendations for refining the project.

For Eagle Project concept review / approval...
  • Please call to ask questions or to schedule a review. Only email to make contact or to schedule a phone call.
  • How to prepare?
    • Call before you start writing.  This is not an official required step, but it can often save time and effort for everyone.
    • Read the Eagle Project workbook.  It contains key information.  Your parent or guardian should also read at minimum the “Message to Scouts and Parents or Guardians”.
    • Do your best to address all parts of the proposal section found in the Eagle Project workbook.  “Not applicable” is acceptable when appropriate.
    • Do your best to represent the quality you will invest in your project by making the proposal well thought out and easy to understand. Clarity.  Completeness.  Grammar.  Spelling.  Quantities.  Sketches.  Pictures.
    • Read the Eagle rank application.  Immediately following the proposal review and approval, the scheduled meeting time may also be used to cover the process steps necessary to complete the Eagle rank.
  • What to bring?
    • All pages of the Eagle service project workbook “Proposal” section.
    • Signatures on the last page of the proposal signed by the scoutmaster, committee chair and beneficiary.
    • An adult.  As we will be discussing many topics, it is helpful to have a second person listening.
For Eagle Board of Review questions...
  • Board of review are automatically scheduled after the project is complete and the eagle application is submitted to the council with the appropriate signatures.
  • It is not necessary to call to schedule your board of review, but you are free to call with questions.
  • Eagle candidates should expect to be contacted to schedule a board of review two to four weeks AFTER the Eagle application has been submitted to the council.

District Volunteers

Mark Salmen
 Great Rivers - Advancement - Eagle Boards Of Review
     [email protected]

David Jungkunz
 Great Rivers - Advancement Chair
     (651) 777-4282
     [email protected]

Peter Hilpisch
 Great Rivers - Advancement - Eagle Project Review and Questions
     (651) 278-4398
     [email protected]

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District Volunteers