John Moriarty Earns Rare Hornaday Gold Medal

Only 43 Such Awards Have Been Given Out

Northern Star Scouter John Moriarty is the first person in our council to ever earn the William T. Hornaday Gold Medal! First introduced in 1975, it has been presented only 43 times to anyone, anywhere in the Nation.

The William T. Hornaday series of awards are earned by youth or adults for outstanding service and commitment to our natural resources. Dr. Hornaday was founder of the National Zoo among other works, and in 1914 he established the Wildlife Protection Medal. After his death in 1937, it became a Scouting award, and there are several levels that can be earned today. The Gold Medal itself is for an adult Scouter who has rendered distinguished and unusual service to natural resource conservation and environmental improvement over a sustained period of at least twenty years. Nominations are only accepted from recognized conservation/environmental protection organizations, and the service must be on at least a regional level.

John is a past chair of the Northern Star Conservation Committee, and he has been a Scouting volunteer for more than twenty years. He has been a counselor for wildlife-related merit badges, and as a youth he earned the Sea Scout Quartermaster award, which is the equivalent of the Eagle Scout rank. He is the Senior Manager of Wildlife and acting Director of Natural Resources Management for the Three Rivers Park District.

He has published nearly 100 books and articles aimed at educating young people and the public on wildlife and natural resources in our region, and he is a recipient of a Minnesota Book Award. The Gold Medal was in particular presented to him because of his work to protect turtles, frogs and reptiles in the Upper Midwest.

Congratulations, John!

John Moriarty Earns Rare Hornaday Gold Medal

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