Conquer the Tower This Summer

Reach new heights on our outdoor high ropes course - and soon, the new climbing tower!

Outdoor climbing returns to Base Camp for the first time in three years with the completion of our new tower! In addition to the three separate climbing surfaces, each designed to challenge participants of all abilities, the tower will also include new features that provide a climbing experience unlike any other you may have had at Base Camp!

New ways to reach new heights

For grades 7 and up, groups have the ability to participate in Team Climbing - a cooperative spin on this activity, where pairs of climbers move up the wall together with an added challenge of one climber being blindfolded or attached to the other. An additional level of trust is also incorporated as the rest of the group ties in as the belay team for each climber. Also for grades 7 and up, participants will have the option of sign up for Tower Rappelling as both a standalone program or optional add-on activity to their outdoor climbing program!

Summer outdoor ropes returns

With warm weather just around the corner, be sure to check out Base Camp's outdoor high ropes course which resumes operation through October! The four individual elements challenge groups to work cooperatively with up to two participants on top with the rest of the group supporting from the ground. Groups can send a teammate soaring on our Flying Squirrel, give each other a boost while climbing up the Giant's Ladder, position and stabilize the footbridges in Team Beam, and balance together while moving across the Wild Woozy cables!

For more information, or to reserve your next Base Camp adventure, visit or call 612-261-2301!

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