School Night for Scouting Training

Does your Unit have a fully trained School Night for Scouting Leader?

While all units have the ability to, and are encouraged to, recruit youth members at ANY time during the

year, our “one night registration at every elementary school” may have caused some confusion with

parents and units who believed that the only time they could join Scouts was that one night. We need

to insure our program is INVITING every night, all year long.


That said, it is imperative we provide opportunities for registration at each and every elementary school on September 19.  Here is a link to a video training program for you.  Please insure at least ONE leader from your unit views this and sends confirmation to Alicia before August 15 notifying her of your "trained" status.  After all, every Scout deserves a trained leader, even potential Scouts and Parents.


District Volunteers

Alicia Tillman
 Great Rivers - Membership - School Night for Scouting
     (651) 343-1940

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District Volunteers