Roundtables are monthly leader meetings to provide program ideas, interact with other leaders and to receive updated information about district and council activities.

  • 1st Thursday of each month, September to May.  Special kickoff in August.   End of year picnic celebration in June.
  • 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  • Guardian Angels Catholic Church, 8260 Fourth St N, Oakdale, MN
  • We meet in Peter O'Neill Hall in the lower level of the Church.  Limited parking is available behind the Church.

Roundtables have a general session and breakouts for specific types of units (Cub Scout; Scouts, BSA and the Order Of The Arrow).  

Roundtable Annual Plan 2019 to 2020

Month Event Date Time Location General Assembly General Assembly Scouts, BSA Monthly Theme Scouts, BSA Interest Topics Tips for Troop Meetings Cub Scout Position Highlight Cub Scout Administration Cub Scout Theme Cub Scout Program (Pack Meeting)
August Picnic 8/22/2019 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Root Beer Floats, Bring your Chair Picnic Friendly
September Roundtable 9/5/2019 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Cycling Let the Order of the Arrow Help Welcoming Guests & Visitors to Troop Meeting Membership Orientations and welcoming new families
Lion Dens (getting off on the right foot)
Loyal Scout Oath and Law
October Roundtable 10/3/2019 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Rifle Shooting Shooting Sports BSA Veteran's Day Ceremonies Committee Chair Chartering Help/overview
Fundraising - Popcorn, Wreaths, Flowers, FOS
Helpful Emergency Preparedness
November Roundtable 11/7/2019 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Safety Exploring and Venturing Programs Indoor Service Projects Treasurer Scoutbook and other online tools (FB, Soar, TroopTrack…)
Training Overview - what is required, what is available (JTE 4 & 5)
Reverent Proud to be an American
December Roundtable 12/5/2019 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Snowboarding and Skiing Winter Outings for Active Troops Utilizing your Historian and Scribe Trainer Pinewood Derby - Awards, Track, alternatives
Service - Service for all ages
Cheerful Holiday Spirit
January Roundtable 1/2/2020 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Duty to God Improving Relationship with Charter Partners Scout Election Induction Ceremonies Service Chair Blue & Gold- Ideas
Transition/Crossover - Visiting troops
Thrifty Blue & Gold Ceremonies
February Roundtable 2/6/2020 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Citizenship Ideas for Community Outreach / Service On-boarding New Scouts Den Leader Pack Structure - Fill in the gaps created by the crossover
Camping (Council camps and Pack events)
Trustworthy All Tied Up
March Roundtable 3/5/2020 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Swimming Safety Afloat / Safe Swim Defense Training Resources Parent Meeting for Summer Camp Prep Cubmaster Summer Program - Awards available, How to create a year long program
Importance of Reflection
Clean Into the Wild
April Roundtable 4/2/2020 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Project Planning Eagle Court of Honor Resources Using Subject Matter Experts for Scout Skills Camp Chair Budget, Calendar and Communication Plan (JTE 2 & 3)
Recognizing Leaders - knots and leaders moving on to Scouts BSA
Brave Rank Advancement Cermonies
May Roundtable 5/7/2020 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church Soccer High/Medium Adventure Planning Patrol Leader Training Resources Advancement Recruitment (Getting ready for SNFS)
Rank advancement
Obedient Passport Adventures
June Picnic 6/4/2020 7:00 PM Guardian Angels Church End of the Year Potluck Picnic




Summary Outline of 2018 and 2019 Roundtable Topics

Month Event Date Location  General
 Boy Scouts
Cub Scout
Cub Scout
Cub Scout

(Pack Mtg)
August Picnic 8/23/2018 Picnic

September Roundtable 9/6/2018 Gymnasium   Troop Elections
ISLT / Youth Leadership Development
Trustworthy Recruiting and welcoming girls to the Pack / SNFS
October Roundtable 10/4/2018 Gymnasium
Skills Instruction EDGE
Girls in Scout Troops
Loyal "Poaching" and "Winner Shopping"
Stewardship vs. Ownership
Pack Budget and Fundraising
Our National Treasures
November Roundtable 11/1/2018 Gymnasium

Interpatrol Activities
Service Projects
Winter Camping
Helpful Preparing for Leader Succession To the Rescue
December Roundtable 12/6/2018 Gymnasium
Patrol Meetings
OA & Unit Elections
Friendly Scout Retention Friends Near and Far
January Roundtable 1/3/2019 Gymnasium YouTube
Patrol Leader's Council
Religious Emblems / Scout's Own Service Planning
Courteous Preparing for AOL Transition (include the Troop(s)) How the West was Fun
February Roundtable 2/7/2019 Gymnasium
Uniform Inspections
Adult Training Opportunities
First Aid
Kind Leader Training and Benefits Creepers Crawlers
March Roundtable 3/7/2019 Gymnasium
Duty Rosters
Campout Planning
Obedient Keeping Scouting Year Round It's a Hit
April Roundtable 4/4/2019 Gymnasium YouTube Video SM Conference / Board of Review
Court of Honor Planning
Cheerful Building relations with your Charter Organization ABRACADABRA!
May Roundtable 5/2/2019 Gymnasium

Reflections / SSC / Roses, Buds, & Thorns
Annual Planning
Thrifty Available Resources from the District Cubstruction
June Picnic 6/6/2019 Picnic


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